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Artistic Pride Productions is a collective of thought provoking and passionate artists dedicated to promoting and cultivating their work as an extension of the work of their peers.  APP creates opportunities for artists of all genres to create work that exemplifies the magnificence of what art can do.  Our mission is simple to make the world a better place thru art. Within our mission are two goals one is to teach the importance of art as a tool to cope with and celebrate life. The second is finding beauty in the overlooked realizing the value and worth in that which is thought of as less than. By celebrating and admiring those who face physical, mental, economical, social, and any other type of challenges whether or not they are victorious, they are courages. Some themes and special interests include elderly, disabled, lgbtq, immigrants, survivors of abuse (parental, domestic sexual, etc.), mental illness, substance abuse, minorities, homeless and those who suffer from life altering sickness or diseases such as HIV, Lupus, diabetes, etc.

APP offers: 

Art and performance workshops to explore and demonstrate our mission.

Readings/productions of new and newly interpreted works                                     

Exhibition opportunities for artists of all genres

Private coaching for actors and singers            

Affordable monologue and audition workshops 

We are always looking for artist to share our vision of a collective.

We are looking for:

  1. Vocalists of all genres

  2. Musicians

  3. Actors

  4. Visual Artists

  5. Dancers and choreographers

  6. Culinary Artists

  7. Fashion Designers

  8. Comedians

  9. People who love the arts!

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We are hard at work organizing

our second production of  The Eight Reindeer Monologues!!

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